Order of Faganism
2 min readNov 6, 2019


10th: 365 Reasons to be an adult

I found Irish coffee in Araçatuba!!! Figure out how to get here and you’ll know how big this is. They can’t even pronounce my name, Peter, here. Starbucks generally write Pytir cos that’s how it sounds phonetically to the Brazilians.

The service here was wonderful

An Irish Coffee has to be with Jameson for me, it just works very well :p

I’m going back in the morning. I like here ☺. Frapachino here we come ( 40 deg C ).

The above text is from The subtle art of not giving a fuck, Mark Manson.

I was recently told by a gentleman friend that he entered himself into rehab in 87. My father unfortunately took a tragic decision in 87.

My friend is able to help me with experience and wisdom. The visualisation of this coincidental timing makes me fire and want to be an adult so that I can take the correct actions when necessary, no matter the pain, because I still cry for my father far too regularly and I could never dare do that to my daughter or wife.

Adults need help sometimes. My father inadvertently taught me to never stop seeking help no matter how how how much it hurts.

Some Irish people find it shameful, the need for help. If you are one of those, you are shame. I will not allow my epitaph be shame.



Order of Faganism

Rights or Responsibilities, what do I have and what do I want?