Hoping to see my kids today

I got divorced a month ago because my ex-wife won’t let me see my kids. Legally I am allowed see my kids by video for 20 minutes daily. I am unable to visit my kids because of COVID. I could go to my ex-wifes house to see my kids but she is inventing stories of abuse and violence so after she tried it a few times the judge said I can’t go to her house, can only see my kids by video. But she’s preventing me seeing my kids at least 80% of the time.

She’s not an innocent victim as she portrays to the world. She is a lying lazy person who believes the world over. This is the message all innocent Christians learn. It doesn’t work, it induces narcissism, it causes capitalism to fail. It is a lie.

I have seen my ew-wife and her mother telling my daughter to not enjoy talkig to her father. They used software to prevent me recording it until I asked the judge to allow us to use Zoom. She claimed that zoom on her phone and her computer is broken. When I did not join her game her zoom worked two minutes later.

There have been 20 excuses used in one month.

I want to see my kids today, I can’t wait to see Lana’s smile and Lukes big eyes. I feel different when they see me and they smile.



Rights or Responsibilities, what do I have and what do I want?

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