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What is democracy today?

Kevin Myers

("Did he become depressed?"

"Well, yes, to put it mildly," he says. But then he quickly backtracks. "It’s not depression. It’s disbelief. It’s shock. It’s an inability to cope with the two different realities.") Irish Independent, online 08/12/19.

He referenced that Jewish people were famous for knowing how to charge a good price in an article. And then, bang, the career of a most higly respected Irish journailst was destroyed over night. Was branded anti-Semitic and a holocost denier. He was fired how long ago, lost his career how long ago? He got an apology recently but nobody cares because he’s now yesterday’s news. Clinton’s daughter was one of those who participated in his social firing. We all know how that family play, even if you care to ignore it. 26 or 4, you decide which number you prefer.

Trump chose the Republican party because he said on TV they had enough stupid people to vote for him.

Bloomberg was Democrat his whole life but chose to go Republican 2001 because he wanted Guiliani’s help. Now he’s Democrat again cos he doesn’t fancy taking on Trump just yet and he thinks this’ll give him a couple more months to buy the votes he needs. Remember, he has far more money than Turnip.

Politics is taught different in school to how it actually works. It’s taught idealistically, which we all love cos then we all have a voice and feel special. Whereas, Animal Farm is actually run of the mill now, with flagrant blantant social greed and hubris through entitlement wishes and desires. These which are gross subversions of the course of humanity being deemed a person’s right. Cos we’re not cavemen anymore (can’t think of a better reason just yet, the god complex doesn’t hold up in the world of digital communicatio).

Now a 16 year old boy in Ireland has been banned from playing football because he voiced his opinion of the ugly deception played by the ex CEO of Irish football on Facebook. How many people will lose their jobs cos of that ugly freaks behaviour? And a kid gets punished for showing his unhappiness at the unfairness being dumped on top of him.

How is this acceptable? How on Earth is it fair to take the privilege of being able to play football away from a kid cos he saw what was happening and had the balls to say 'not fair' using different words. Democracy is discussion, not deception, no? 55 million in debt now FAI, and taking action against a kid? Disgrace.

Trump and Bloomberg are extraordinarily wealthy and can pick and choose their fights. To me this means that people who dedicate their lives to a political party are stupid gobshights because they’re baseing their lives ideology on the whims and whispers of rich buffoons who just want to use them to make more money. How much money is the Clinton foundation losing yearly sine she didn’t get what she didn’t deserve? Pay to play, Haiti, Weiner. It’s not just a server that got emails deleted and hidden Clinton. You cheated, and still lost.

The world wants to go left now because 'we’re' entitled. It doesn’t matter that someone needs to do the work, it can be someone else because I deserve better. Why? Well, I’m a good person, reasonably conscious and am as good at my job as most fellas and I go to mass some times. So.

The reality is that with digital communication I can live in a much more hubris manner because I got 5000 likes on my last Facebook comment (about plastic cheese or was it the metoo thingie, I can’t remember). This means people understand I know how it works. I deserve more. Get it? The business world rewards hubris.

What does that mean? Ah just ask John Delaney, he’ll be looking for friends. And has plenty of money so you’ll get a great story off him, even if he doesn’t talk to you. We’re allowed hate him now and remind him how damn ugly he was in school. Can I be put in jail for wishing suicide on someone?

So what does this mean? To me it means society does not have the courage to define what is right and wrong, not because it is not a black and white answer, but because it appears we either lack as a people moral leadership or faith in the moral leadership bestowed upon us by the paedophile institution, sorry, church. If you don’t know which one is a paedo cos they’re hidden in the crowd of black robes then they all are paedos.

Prince Andrew? Don’t need to say anything, his behaviour says it all. Can u imagine the wild dreams people are gonna have now? Ah sure it’s all Fergies fault. Epstein got her out of a hole financially so he could lay his honey trap in royalty cos the prince didn’t know how to make much money back then….. or is it Harry? Maybe the idea of monarcy provides an excuse for hubris to the people and people want to visualize their leader as big and powerful.

Democracy, do we want a choice or do we want moral leadership we feel an honour to?

Jeepers, it may go crazy, no, it has gone long crazy. Sanders, Warren pretending to be Democrats is very bizarre. Nearly as bizarre as her being indigenous.

A guy proudly proclaiming he loves grabbing ladies in their private parts got elected to the worlds most powerful position. Ok, he hasn’t done any new wars just yet so I’m hopeful. But that film Idiocracy has left me with a desire to sit on the beach all day every day smoking and stoning, because I don’t have a voice, I’m not special, I’m just another random dude trying to find a way to make more money to help provide for my wife and daughter. Today’s world sounds like what I read in my history books re the French revolution.

And, why should I work 50 hours a week when Irish politicians can take another job in Europe without having to retire their TD seat (Irish MP) according to their boss? Why did you allow that Vradker? Because of that I hope you get run over by a car tomorrow and that a dog then goes over and shits on you. Maybe that was why my mother never brought me to the doctor at the end of my road as I grew up in Brompton Lawn, your father. Maybe she knew something about your family I don’t know.

Democracy? What is it actually?

One of my professors during my MBA told us the perks of being a businessman was that you only had to declare what was officially on your paycheck. Just like Prince Andrew has proven, the little pansy that he is. But his daughters seem so nice so we’ll forgive him. At least I’m not onr of his minions paying taxes so he can bang kids, well they’re not kids in his country so it’s ok really (17).

We don’t know how to make democracy better it seems. Why don’t we invent a way to draw up a moral leadership strategy with a different name. Democracy has lost its valour.



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